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  • Jake Timothy

USDC Payouts for Dividends

Hello Dinari Community!

We are introducing dividend earnings for our Dinari dShare token holders. If you are invested in Dinari dShare tokens backed by a dividend-bearing security, such as USFR.D, you are now eligible to receive distributions in USDC. This is the first time dShare tokens offer yield opportunity.


A dShare token holder must have earned a minimum distribution amount of at least $0.10 in order to qualify.

For registered Dinari dShare token holders, the process couldn’t be simpler. Once the dividend payout is declared, the funds will automatically appear in your digital wallet in the form of USDC. Unregistered dShare token holders have 90 days after the initial distribution to sign up and receive the payout.

Why USDC? Convenience and Security

We've chosen to offer payouts in USDC to bring you the benefits of both worlds – crypto and fiat. As a stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the US Dollar, USDC (USD Coin) mitigates the volatility associated with traditional cryptocurrencies, giving you the advantage of stability while maintaining the convenience and speed of a digital asset.

  • Convenience: No need for currency conversions or waiting for bank clearances. The USDC will be directly transferred to your wallet, giving you instant access to your earnings.

  • Security: USDC provides robust security measures, ensuring your distributions remain in a safe store of value. With the strength of blockchain technology behind it, USDC stands tall as one of the most trusted digital currencies available.

Pocket your earnings, or if you're looking to reinvest, purchase more of your favorite dShare token!

More to Come

This new feature is part of our ongoing efforts to make Dinari dShare tokens more user-friendly, rewarding, and versatile for our community. We're excited for you to start receiving payouts from dividends and look forward to bringing you more innovative features that enhance your experience and provide maximum value.

Happy investing!

Team Dinari

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