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Dinari Sign Up Bonus and Referral Program:

Share the Future and Earn Rewards!

Introducing the Dinari Sign Up Bonus and Referral Program! 💰 This is a chance for you to earn AAPL.d dShares Mystery Boxes! We're inviting you to join our journey, be a part of our growth, and help us spread the word about Dinari's Securities Backed Tokens!

Here's how you can dive into the rewards pool:

  • 1. Buy In: Purchase at least $5 USD worth of any dShare of your choice on the Dinari platform. Explore our vast selection of dShares and pick the ones that resonate with your financial goals. If you're a new user, you'll also recieve an AAPL.d dShare Mystery Box as a token of our appreciation.

  • 2. Invite People: Share the wealth by inviting your friends using your custom invite link. It's as simple as clicking a button! All they need to do is connect their wallet or create a new one after they click on your link.

  • 3. Earn Rewards: For every referral who makes qualifying purchases of dShares of at least $5 USD, you'll earn an AAPL.d dShare Mystery Box of a random amount, up to an entire share —your friends get to discover the potential of Securities Backed Tokens, and you get rewarded for introducing them to it!

  • 4. Payout: Payouts will be initiated each trading day at 2PM EST for all rewards earned in the previous 24 hour period. Rewards should be recieved by 5PM EST that day. [1]​


The best part? There are no personal limits to how much you can earn! 💵 The more you share, the more you stand to earn.



So, what are you waiting for? Start referring, start earning, and let's reshape the future of finance together. With Dinari, you're not just a part of the revolution - you benefit from it too! 🎉🚀



Good luck, and happy referring!

Click here for Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Not available to US persons or users in other restricted countries.

 [1] Only new users with first purchases count towards the earnings.

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