Unleash your Equity

Dinari is an all-in-one solution that fully automates your equity management so you can focus on building your company.



Truly Automated Cap Table Management

Previous solutions for equity management still require numerous tools, mountains of paperwork, and tons in legal fees. Dinari streamlines all of that to fulfill the promise of complete automation on a single platform. Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork and expensive lawyers.


No More Chasing Signatures or Votes

Cross border equity granting. Fundraising via digital SAFEs. Employee options exercise. All within a few clicks. All without paperwork. Company ownership has never been easier.

Online voting turns days or weeks of waiting for board meetings or chasing investor signatures into an asynchronous, real-time approval process, allowing you to focus on more important matters.


Accuracy and Compliance Built-in

Have peace of mind and be aware of every equity transaction associated with your company. Dinari is built on a tamper-proof ledger system and is registered as an SEC transfer agent (Section 17A(c)). For more information on what that means, please click here.

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