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Accessible On-Chain Fractional Equities

dShares open access for your business or customers to new assets, such as US stocks & ETFs, with fractional shares & dividend distributions

1:1 Backed Treasury with Regular Reserve Audits

Reserves for any dShare asset can be viewed at any time on our transparency page or the on-chain vault. We are also regularly audited by a big 4 accounting firm.

Business Solutions & Developer Tools

We work with a variety of technology and finance business. Our smart contracts, API, and documentation make it simple to build with dShares.

Why Use dShares?

Tailored solutions for your tech company or customers

Assets backed 1:1 in on chain vaults, ensuring ultimate transparency

Access to foreign assets, fractional share, & dividend distributions

APIs, smart contracts, & other solutions make it easy to integrate dShares

US-based SEC transfer agent, reserves audited regularly by big 4 accountancy

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